Born in Beirut and raised in Abu Dhabi, Yassmin Saleh discovered a great passion for design and wearable art for as long as she can remember. In 2011, Yassmin began exploring the essence of the Fashion practice by enrolling in a course at Milan’s Istituto Marangoni. 

 She then continued her industry training at the Lebanese American University and completed her B.A in Fashion Design in collaboration with ELIE SAAB and UAL: London College of Fashion. Having won the Jury Prize 2015, Yassmin was selected to pursue an internship at the Elie Saab headquarters in Beirut, before earning the 2017 Prize of Excellency in Craftsmanship for her final year collection “The Dance of the Psyche."

 In 2018, Saleh was selected to participate in the annual program of Starch foundation, which was the launching ground for the debut collection of her namesake brand. Ever since, she has decided to tell her story – one collection at a time.

 Soon enough, Yassmin felt she would not do her story justice without her childhood companion by her side, her sister Farah. No stranger to the fashion world, Farah has worked in the regional offices of Christian Dior and Christian Louboutin in Dubai and is now in charge of bringing the Yassmin Saleh brand to the international stage.

 From playing dress up in their family home to working side by side at their atelier, their sister duo has always shared an undenied flair for fashion, but excelled in different spaces. Yassmin now oversees the creative side of the label, while Farah handles the business operations of the company.