Yassmin Saleh is thrilled to
unveil its latest campaign, a captivating short series that breaks traditional
norms. Titled “Flowers In The Foutain” the series introduces a diverse cast of
women from one family, representing the vibrant tapestry of our society.

Inspired by bold archetypes from Lebanse sciety, each portrait is a cele-bration ofcomplexity and vulnerability as it turns into power, and feeds into the union betweenwomen.

By blending fashion, family, and conversations, the series aims to spark understanding,empathy, and unity among viewers. Through storytelling, we celebrate diversity andaddress important topics with humor. Our goalis to inspire conversations and bringpeople closer together.

The short series, captured through the lens of director Ramzi Hibri launched on Sunday9th of Julyexclusively on Yassmin Saleh’s social media channels

Join the conversation and embrace the unique stories of these remarkable women.